Commercial Executive Internship at Noon

Noon (Emaar Group initiative) is set to revolutionise online shopping forever, and you can be part of the story. At noon the customer comes first. We are creating a world-class personalized ecommerce experience, and this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Bring your ideas. Bring your creativity. Be bold. Challenge. Change.

Role: Commercial Executive


· To create and/or prepare the NIS sheets for uploads – NIS = New Item Creation

· To upload all the NIS sheets from UAE sellers and own them until completion i.e. they deal with any issues/questions that may come from content team during the products creation process.

· To make changes in existing SKUs if needed (changing wrong content description/features/specification mentioned)

· To create CQT tickets – this is requests to content team about changing the content on current SKU – that may be wrong image, wrong description, improved description, wrong tagging subcategory etc.

· To work on Zendesk ticket: they receive & answer all questions that come from customer support or seller support whenever a customer has asked about more product information – and make sure content is updated so no new customers have to ask the same question or seller comes up with his query.

· To reach out to sellers for Sidelined SKUs via email or calls (Sidelined SKUs are basically SKUs that are not complete and are sidelined by content team for any content or image missing or mismatch issue)

· To reach out to sellers for CCNL SKUs via email or calls (CCNL SKUs are basically SKUs that are completed but not live as seller has not uploaded price and quantity details we need to ask seller to upload same info so that their product goes live).

· To reach out to sellers for Price Min Max issue wherein seller has made changes to the price and it is beyond 5% bar set for minimum price need to get confirmation from seller for same thing

· To reach out to sellers for Price Comp SKUs (Price comp is basically set of data which team has developed for sellers which hold high NC and we need to reach them suggesting revaluation of prices to increase their sales)

· To reach out to sellers for replenishment via emails or calls.

· To work along with category team in Dubai assisting them with content creation regular follow ups and closure of given tasks.

· Ad hoc task: any request that might come from the category team in Dubai

· To manage content and imaging for products as per the category requirement

· To scrape content from the brand websites for original information to reach customers

· To work on brand tool for creating a clean catalog by performing tasks like deduping, merging and creation of SKU’s

· To discover errors for products which are already live and auditing them. Creation of Noon Identification Number and catalog listing. Knowledge of banned products, completeness of a product (content +image) and choice of correct family, type and sub-type.

Skills Required:

· Basic understandings of Ecommerce Operations

· Understanding of categories and subcategories under which products on ecommerce are listed.

· Good communication skills both verbal and written

· Good knowledge of Excel and basic formulas

· Highly process oriented and ready to take adhoc requests as needed at times.

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